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Registration and request to [email protected]

A club - not a network
We are a group of inspiring business people who love to do business. The easiest way to do business is with people you know. By meeting, we create trust. Our Business Club is simple. We meet without stress and pressure, have lunch, talk business and get to know each other.

What do I get?
You get a fantastic opportunity to make contacts. By identifying common needs, opportunities and challenges, we together find solutions and ways forward towards growth. Our Business Club is a mixture of experiences, new contacts and business in a wonderful & unpretentious environment.

What does it cost?
You pay SEK 500 a month and get lunch four times a month (no meetings on holidays). Your company is invoiced in spring and autumn (VAT will be added).

How often do we meet?
You have the opportunity to meet every Tuesday (no meetings holidays) the following months:
February, March, April, May, September, October, November.

Where do we meet?
We meet at the newly renovated restaurant The Peacock in the middle of Trelleborg in a quiet and inspiring environment.

What does a hit look like?

11:55 Admission to the dining room
12:00 Welcome and information
12:05 The food is served
12:15 Lecture / activity
12:45 Question Time
12:55 Other
13:00 Back to work

Registration and request to [email protected]

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